Anonymous said: I do love the SWYHcore but in the UK it all seems to be teenage music to other people I know. Should I be listening to Oasis and Blur instead. What do you think of those bands.

Its teenager music here in the US too. Dgaf

@linh7x bought this cute cup at the korean store!

@linh7x bought this cute cup at the korean store!

@vspink is on the #softgrunge program now; v #poppunk

@vspink is on the #softgrunge program now; v #poppunk

Anonymous said: is red chord good lifting music?

Maybe good for lifting up a copy of decibel magazine to find out what beard bands are cool this week

thecitywalker said: Sarge, I absolutely love Cave In, Botch, ISIS, Neurosis, and just about every band on Hydra Head Records. I also love EZ. Is this a massive problem?

Yes you should stop listening to grose beard music in my professional opinion

One of my favorite things i ever designed #easycore

One of my favorite things i ever designed #easycore

Anonymous said: Do guys actually play hard to get or does it mean that they're just not interested??

My guess is that it’s the “hot and cold” thing that a lot of (immature) guys do. They act like they’re super into you, then suddenly they pull back and are all standoffish and you don’t know what the fuck they want.

I honestly have no idea why this is, because I’ve never been like that, but it’s really common and I would just move on.

Anonymous said: Honestly how do you stay thin? Any tips?


Wear lots of Nike and Instagram yourself at the gym :-)

Anonymous said: sarge why r u posting all this weidr fetish shit what r u tryin to say

Hehe whats so weird about it?? Who hasnt thought about pacman farting on my little pony?!



my dad walked behind me while i was making this.

the ass eating side of tumblr has so much to answer for

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