Anonymous said: Do IMN's actually like Periphery? You sometimes act like they do, but the comments on MetalSucks make it seem otherwise. Is this a Korn kind of thing where at first they were loved and underground, but now they're famous so IMN's hate them?

Hm, yeah you might have a point. Lol @ how metal dorks are the most fickle trendhoppers ever

Anonymous said: D I think you're be becoming an Internet Pop Nerd.


Anonymous said: Harm's Way or Xibalba?


Anonymous said: i mean ASP hasn't posted anything all year. they've basically disappeared.

Oh right! My bad

Anonymous said: i think it's really funny how once All Shall Perish's singer left 4 Suiside Silence, the band stressed that they weren't breaking up and they haven't posted anything all year so far lol

Well their album with eddie went to like #16 on billboard so im gonna say they are doing ok lol

andrewgking said: Regarding pop being the most advanced type of music, I'm assuming you mean pop where the artist is not replaceable like that band you guys are talking about, and the artists has some role in creative outlet? Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, etc

I dont really give a shit about artists, their job is just to be pretty and charismatic. The writers and producers are the brains behind the music so those are the people i pay attention to rather than artists.

Anonymous said: Re: ATL. Basically all their songs have multiple cowriters credited. Plus you could replace the vocals with any Disney star and p much any of their songs would still work perfectly

There you go

mariokart64ost said: I don't know if you listen to the freakonomics podcast or not but I was listening to the episode about tipping the other day, in which it was claimed that a waiter's actual quality of service has little to no effect on the amount of tips they receive. That got me thinking, to what extent do you think actual quality of a product correlates with how well it sells? What proportion of a good's value do you think comes from its innate usefulness to a buyer, or from good marketing?

How many buyers are even capable of judging the quality? Very few.

PERCEIVED quality definitely matters. But thats a marketing challenge as much as a technical one.

Anonymous said: Sorry if this is posted twice, my phone dun goofed. But Maryland is an absolute shit hole. I'm from Southern Maryland and recently moved to Seattle a few months ago. My only regret was not doing sooner, since I'm 30. I basically had it with being surrounded by assholes, saved up some money, sold a bunch of my shit, shipped the rest, and moved here and put myself back in school without knowing a single person. You (for the most part) are the designer of your own fate.

Dude hit me up, we live in north seattle- send me your info on here or facebook

Anonymous said: ...but didn't all time low/boys like girls not write any of their hits either? how are they removed at all from 5SoS?

BLG did not write most of their hits/best songs. Havent looked at ATL in a while but i am pretty sure they get some “co-writing” help as well.

So yeah, theyre not really much different than 5sos other than 1 direction literally owning a piece of 5sos the business entity.

Anonymous said: Great job making fun of people with social anxiety, ableist twat.

Not sherrif serious…


this guy is a genius honestly tho like he aint dealin with dorito fingers at all


this guy is a genius honestly tho like he aint dealin with dorito fingers at all

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I can’t do this


I can’t do this

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