Anonymous said: Anon with ex: flow D's advice. Trust me, this will not end well at all. There are a wide variety of options that will happen (the worst of which involves u banging her) and none of them are good. Block her and ignore her. Signed, an anon that has gone through it all before.

The truth

Anonymous said: How do I deal with an ex who keeps begging me to take them back and telling me about how I ruined their life and shit?

block them in your phone, on all social media, and do not hang out in the same places you do. it’s your only choice!

Anonymous said: How long before hardcore kids start jocking Machine Head?

im legit surprised it hasn’t happened already! probably only because Taylor and Colin Young haven’t jocked them.

Anonymous said: Do you think Macklemore is cool or uncool? I'm leaning more towards uncool, but he's super popular and makes some catchy songs.

we have a bunch of mutual friends (via being the same age and from the same area). always hear good things about him on a personal level, but never met him.

Anonymous said: hey, a while ago someone asked you about tupac and you replied by saying he was a convicted rapist (i think). does a musician's attitude affect how you view their music?

yeah definitely. for example, I wasn’t the world’s biggest periphery fan, but now that I am friends with them I like the band a lot. when you know the people who make something it just kind of makes you more positively inclined about the stuff they make, you know?

Anonymous said: Band dude here, thank you for that metalsucks article, complisults are the bane of my fucking existence. "Nice playing dude but you should play an ibanez like me" ugggggggggh

brb kms

Anonymous said: have you ever flirted with a girl until you both admit you're into each other and then she just goes awol? i feel like that's probably a thing, but i have the worst luck anyways. what's that about?

Yes tons of times.

Thats what i call a “tee hee” girl. They have no intention of actually being with you, they just like the thrill of the chase, and once they know theyve got you on the hook, they get bored and bail.

It can be hard to spot them in advance but once you learn their tricks its easy to see!!

Anonymous said: i believe that iggy izalea's ass is all there is to get

Im a small but kind of guy but whatever works for you

Also, her face looks like some kind of odd photoshopping mistake

Anonymous said: Yea I'd much rather listen to Issues than "new critically acclaimed album" by Gorguts or w/e

well i mean objectively speaking, most death metal is awful music. especially compared to pop.

Anonymous said: Is it me or is Iggy Azalea trying to do the same thing Kreayshawn did years back but not as good?

and madonna… and every other female pop artist with hip hop influences… idgi

Anonymous said: Why are all the new albums by metal bands so sterile and by the numbers compared to anything from the 80s and 90s? All the other heavy bands in the scene (hardcore and otherwise) seem way more involving. Is it me getting old and getting bored of metal or are the new albums just genuinely quite crappy (even though metalheads lap it up without question) - because anything from "the old days" still sounds pretty good...

idk man i listen to Issues and Ariana Grande so i can’t help u with anything related to heavy metal. but if u wanna talk about Becky G and Icona Pop hmu!

Anonymous said: I know dude. Anywhere in North Korea = totally less shitty than Beijing.

Its embarrassing how americans always talk about “north korea.” They typically just watched that stupid vice video about it.

Koreans dont ever say “north korea,” bc its not a legitimate state. There is just korea.

Anonymous said: Why the fuck are Chinese people so fucking nasty and unhygienic? Their country is like a huge shit field of idiots that don't know what the fuck they're doing. Vietnam too. Japan and Korea are like completely different than China and it's so weird. Japan is like the U.S. and then you hop over to China and you're automatically in the shittiest parts of Mexico.

Agree 100% w all of this

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